No Good Blonde Deed

goes unpunished.

My little mishap with a beauty product that left my thigh looking as if Harry Potter tried to stick his wand near my muggle and missed, isn't as bad as it seems and since its above mini-skirt line, I am still good to go on sexy summer clothes. While sporting a bikini, I will just wear a fake tattoo over the bandage and tell everyone I was in a brawl with a motorcycle biatch.

I have been laid up in bed since Monday and not because of the burn on my leg. My Father needed his large lawn cut and since I am here, I was offered the job, without pay or right to turn down of course, so I gladly pouted my way out the door to get it done. Seeing as this was my second time attempting to mow, I can only say the finished work looked like I had strapped a mad cow to the mower and let it roam around the yard.

Afterward, I went inside and took a very long shower and settled in for the night with my Netflix. I woke up the next morning on my death bed and I am still here. My lungs do not like the mold and cedar that falls from the trees and snuggles into the grass and my lungs have shown me how upset they are by acting like a wench with a rare form of murderous PMS disorder.

I ran out of Netlfix movies and have yet to travel to the mailbox to replenish, so I have been stuck on the ramblings of E and BRAVO for the last few days. If you don't think television influences, I am here to say it does a Blonde.

These days, I am all about cutting my hair to pixie lengths since watching Tabatha on Shear Genius; I am already picking out my tramp stamp, I think I want a compass since I heard Thomas Pendelton will have reality tattoo show; and I found out that inmates are looking for love on the internet. Blinded by Blonde will never be blind enough to think Ted Bundy was a hottie. I am passing on the inmate dating scene but I heard Danielle Steel married two inmates and launched her writing career by writing about one of them...Hhmmm...


I will be rolling around my bed, bored out of my mind so enjoy the weekend for me and buy a healthy blonde a beer.

The Blonde is a charity case!!

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