My Mini Vacate on Blogging

Its unhealthy to always be plugged into the Internet vacuum and so I unplugged this week. I decided to just watch great movies and read a few books.

Earlier this week my character was attacked by a blogger who I find very narrow minded in her view of the world and her posts reflect that....so I made a comment. Basically I said, I am not a bee nor is she, and therefore we can't think like a bee. I and she can only perceive the bee based on our own thoughts of how we view the bee and its world. We can't get in the bees mind so she really shouldn't act as an interpreter for the bee, especially if you think the bee is only a bad element.

This blogger thought my comment was prejudice but than again she isn't thinking like me, she thinks like her...so I proved my point. And to continue my quest for agitation and more proof that she is thinking through a narrow lens of life, I made a few more broad statements of which she used her perception, not mine.

Since she didn't like what I had to say about her work she made personal judgments about me. Instead of defending myself, I decided to make a few jabs to get her goat since the bee left the building. Apparently I tied her goat so tight she unraveled to the point of talking nonsense about me. Which I find funny since she has never met me nor knows anything about me; but her comments about me really says something about her.

When you write for a living you need to be able to defend your work without personally attacking someone who finds your work objectionable, otherwise your work is unworthy. I am certain I won't waste my time reading anything she has to say again. She is the typical narrow mind that doesn't have the intellect to debate a real issue because she sees it only one way and I feel claustrophobic when dealing with this type of mind.

I rather debate a bee.

The Blonde likes to stick to the story!!!

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