Give the Blonde Her Do

I want credit for an idea that I know someone else will take credit for eventually.

A gTLD is a generic top level domain, meaning anything behind the dot like .com, .org, .or .edu.

I want .eco but since I do not have the $185,000 to register the TLD and I don't have the million dollars in escrow to satisfy ICANN's application, I am freely giving up my stellar idea to the masses that read my blog.

All you need to do is go to 'mindsandmachines.com' and work with them to get this going. They will handle all your domain registration needs. They have what it takes to fulfill the application requirements of the commie ICANN.

ICANN is a non-profit monopoly started by the the top 5 internet beasts to regulate the use of anything behind the dot.

There is only 21 dot top levels created but now they have opened up the application to others interested in applying for their mere highway robbery fee and their yearly extortionist fee of 75 grand to keep it up to date and out of hands of opportunistic chinese frauds.

Microsoft and Dell are up in arms saying that its not fair that they have to pay the extortionists fee to keep their name secured but ICANN doesn't care; sort of like the top 3 credit rating companies that don't care if your identity is stolen.

With the onset of global warming and the growing number of eco friendly companies and consultants wanting a better future, .eco is a sure gamble.

I am a betting blonde but lack the chips to play so I am giving my idea away...I just hope it goes to someone worthy and they remember to give the blonde her do...or at least unlimited spa visits for life.

And I know the difference between due and do..I was just remaining true to my Blonde!!

The Blonde is too generous with her thoughts!!

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