Blonde Medical Malpractice Insurance

...isn't available, otherwise I would be at the Doctor getting a skin graph for the chemical burn that charred a 1/2 an inch of skin on my thigh. I guess bikini ready, won't happen until the end of this summer season.

Since I don't have medical insurance and skin graphs, I am fairly certain would cost a fortune, I have decided to cure it myself which considering I was attempting a self cure for a scar that lead to this wound, probably isn't the best plan but it is the plan I can afford.

I have chosen to go with herbal remedies offered up on the net which will probably end up causing me to lose my leg thus putting a major stump in my dating path, that I just picked up after a slight hiatus this year, but its a risk I will have to take.
Besides, any guy that dates me is going to have to understand the severity of some blonde moments, especially the moments caused by vanity of staying young and hot (no pun intended)!!

I am going to have a dent, shaped like a thick lightening bolt, in my left thigh because of another beauty fix gone bad.

The Blonde needs some soothing!!

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