My Iphones Funky Foot Fetish

My iphone has spawned into a voyeur. It seems the sneaky shutterbug, has a thing for my feet. Every time I try to use the camera feature for a quick pose, my trusty little cell uses its little camera icon button to deceive me into a foot photo.

I am trying hard not to judge my iphone but it is a little creepy if you ask me. I was thinking about putting my iphone into therapy but I can't find a Doctor willing to work with the little guy.

Go figure?!

I think therapy for my iphone and my electronics would be appreciated. I could get my toaster to stop burning my toast over feelings of being inadequate next to the microwave. A therapist could have told me to move it to the counter near the wimpy can opener to give it positive self image.

Maybe I can find some alternative therapy like a hypnotist that would be willing to work with my iphone's fetish, my can opener's desire to squirt tuna juice, and my alarm clocks unwillingness to reset itself to snooze a few times instead of making me do it.

The Blonde has some ill thoughts!!

1 comment:

  1. Hmmmm......I suspect your iPhone is a male. If you examine your cell closely, you will probably see the XY identifier. Apple acknowledges that about ten to fifteen percent of its phones are gay; only two percent or so are kinky. In this case, you might consider giving it the (er..) boot!