Being With Oneness

Living with your elderly parents can have its onederful moments.

One is always cold and the other is always hot.

One turns the heat up to a boiler room and the other turns down the temp to sub zero.

One likes wool blankets and the other likes feather duvets.

One runs around half naked during the day and goes full Boticelli late at night in her art room.

One drops his pants to retuck his shirt in the foyer.

One barks orders at his wife and the other barks orders at me.

One like to be neat and the other likes chaotic clutter.

One steers the car and the other is a backseat driver.

One stays up late and the other rises early.

One swipes my bath towels for the laundry and the other swipes my toilet paper when she runs out.

One messes up the kitchen and the other one bitches about cleaning it.

One can't live with out the other and the other can't live without him.

Its as symbiotic as love gets after 50 years of being together and I have the distinct privilege of seeing it first hand.


The Blonde will have the same one day!!!

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