Twinkle, Twinkle

little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky!

Little girls in ponytails,
dreaming of fairy tales,

and happily ever after endings.

The pigtails are long gone but not the dreams of being someone's Princess. Women have grown up on the fantasy of Prince Charming and the obstacles we must face in order to have him.

Cinderella had to get to a ball,
Sleeping Beauty had to learn to spin yarn,
and Snow White needed to tan her fair skin.

and then Prince Charming would come and rescue them and they would live happily ever after.



Like the Lost gospel of Judas, Disney hid the truth of the real fairy tales under reels and reels of the modified versions, their cover up was only recently discovered, exposing the truth behind the torrid world of fairy tales.

The Lost Ending ( edited for quick copy; original to be out in hardback):

Cinderella learned about Snow, Snow learned about Sleeping, and Sleeping learned about Cinderella. They all got together and over a bottle or two of wine they discussed their revenge. For the Prince would be tricked into drinking a potion that would turn him into a toad. Unfortunately, do to their slight inebriation and miscalculations of some of the ingredients, the Prince was turned into a talking frog.

Alas, the Prince, still armed with his voice, charmed his way into a kiss from an unsuspecting young lady and soon was back to his old ways of philandering across fairy tales.

The truth behind the tale is always entertaining but even far more enlightening.

reach for the stars!!

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