Omni Hotel, Downtown Austin

I have been spending my weekends in downtown Austin hotels while hosting some out of town guests to spare a DWI. I have to say while I find most of the rooms similar, I have to give kudos to the Omni for tucking a magic wand in the room, behind the bed.

I am fairly certain it was left by a very liberal and over zealous couple, but still I must give the kudos to the Omni and its cleaning crew for the good sense to leave it behind for the discovery to be made by a Blonde who blogs. I made careful effort to sanitized the wand before the photo op was made and for general curiosity. Of course I turned it on; all I can say is it is way too powerful a tool to be using it on any sensitive part of the female anatomy.

After testing my new treasure, I feel certain warning label should be affixed to it, such as:

Sexual use of this toy may hinder the effects of any future love endeavors with a human sexual organ.

This toy has the power of humming a twat clear off in less than 10 seconds.

Intimate knowledge of this wand will make anything that does not vibrate, virtually obsolete.

Wetting of this toy may cause electrical shock!!

Blondes will never use power tools, again!!

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