Love in the Time of.....


It is the time now, and then, and forever beyond. It has no limits and I fear my only curse on this earth is that I let myself love all of earth's creatures; including man.

And man is the saddest let down of all!!

I love animals so much that I worry every time it freezes, because I know there are people that chain their pets to a fence or won't let them in the house when its cold because they are allergic to them. I wonder why they have to hurt them? Why must they own an animal that they call a family pet but treat it like a rodent.

Please don't teach an animal to be sufficient on your love, when you have no love to give them!!

I hate zoo's because I see wild animals that committed no crime being locked up and fenced in an environment that makes them a novelty to human society. I thought we have out grown the age of the elephant man, but we haven't grown at all.

Evolution should be that which evolves us to a better understanding of all creatures, but we can only see ourselves; our selfish selves!!

We don't care how the cow is killed, only how the steak tastes.

We don't care how the homeless survive, just as long as they don't live near us.

We don't care to change the world, we care only that our children cash in on our new found dough and we teach them that they are above others who don't have as much.

I really think parents are missing the point of Darwin's theory. The jock without a brain dating the pretty girl with a Prada bag equals another idiot born into society.

Footballs and handbags only go so far!!

What a shame that you think your kid is here to right some wrong that you suffered as a child.

Our children live off of our insecurity and continue the sad notion of some antiquated thought on God. We are stuck in believing in a bible that was only written to secure the power of a church and its belief of chastising those that don't fit the norm.

The rapture, if it comes, is not to cleanse the unrighteous, but to cleanse the righteous from this earth, so the humble and beautiful within, can find security in a place without judgment and live an equal existence to everything in nature as it should be.

The bible is a blasphemy to God and all his creatures.

You know what bothers me the most about loving this world? It is the fact that every living creature other than man has found their Utopia on this earth. Every creature, other than man, only takes what they need to survive and live happy.

They do not invade.
They do not steal
They do not rape
They do not murder
They do not torture
They do not enslave
They do not have anger
They do not have revenge
They do not have a bible

We as humans should hope for our distinction for the survival of species that has and always will be superior to us!!

The bible was not written by God but by man that wants control!!

Heaven is for those who know, their life is equal to all the species God gave life to!!!

The Blonde does not believe in man's religion and wonders why humans can not evolve past a piece of fiction!!

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