Its Not Time to Be Qiuet

It is not the time to be congenial or charming. It is time for the Blonde to stand up and speak!!

Did Martin Luther King stop his speeches because of threats?

Did Bobby Kennedy give in to fear?

Did anyone worthy of a voice of peace and hope and truth cave into malicious attacks on their person?


And neither will I.

I have been guilty of pandering to those around me to speak a softer mind, to be funnier, to be more congeal in my attacks on society and personal encounters; but no more!!

I have had enough of the passive aggressive society I live in and I am going to turn this world upside down and find the good in all of you, with the tough love you need!!

I am sick of placating to a world that won't take responsibility!

Learn to play chess!

Learn Newton's law of physics!!

Learn science!

Learn all religions!

Learn other culture!

Learn, learn, learn!!

Blondes can't teach a stupid crowd!

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