Essential Oils

Oh yes!!

Rub it on!

Rub it in


Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!

Oh that feels good!!!!!


Oh, ohhhhh....

I have been rubbing essential oils on me to keep the allergies away and surprisingly enough, they really work.

Peppermint oil rubbed on my neck keeps headaches away.

Chamomile oil rubbed all over my body helps sensitive skin.

Lavender on a cotton puff, gently rubbed on my eyelids stops the itching.

Now all I need is a beach, a man, and a mai tai!!!

Of course, with all this yummy flavored oil on my skin, I could be stuffed, skewered and twisted on a pit and made into a tasty treat to be served up at a private luau for the right guy with the right bungalow!!

Blondes are really slick!!

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