Cut the Thread

How the heck do I stop a thread? I made the mistake of commenting on one little thing about children and parents and now I have to suffer the consequences of the idiotic responses emailed to me.
My comment was made in reference to a Mother that chastised little girls for wearing t-shirts that say "Girls rule, Boys drool". Personally I find that cute and funny but I am not a menopausal woman with a four year old.

As far as my opinion meter getting the best of me...I would have to say it was the use of the words hussy and street walker to describe the latest tween fashion.

Are you sure your not the Grandma?

In response to thongs being sold at the GAP for kids, I can agree. But only because I think thongs are stupid in general. Thongs are a gold mine to retail. You make something that costs less than 10 cents and sell it for $20, promote it as the newest and greatest thing and women will grab hold of it.

I wish I thought of a way to sell lace scraps as underwear and make a fortune!!

The beginning of the blog actually started because the meno Mom and her husband couldn't get over the fact tweens were texting through dinner at the table adjacent to them. My question was; if your such a great family unit, why do you need to occupy dinner conversation judging other people?

Whenever my sisters and I had a complaint about someone's behavior at the dinner table my Mother would say, "Look at your own plate."

Brilliant advice Mum!!!

Sometimes I want to scream at the stupidity of people and ask that they not breed until they pass a parent aptitude test. Unfortunately, they don't have one.



Can I make the test?!!


Pretty please with dumb parents on top?!!

I went nuts when a thread of a 'tech savvy Mom' suggesting they text along with their kid as a way of keeping it real.


Have parents gone AWALL?

Stop having kids in between your hot flashes.

I swear to Gah there is such a thing as too old...Larry King!!

If a parent thinks they are in tune with their tween because they are savvy enough to master a download that will program their iphone to send them a text, reminding them to smile at their kid every four hours...I can understand why the Mayans stopped the clock at 2012.

Blondes hope the rapture unravels the fabric!!

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