Travelling Native Turf

The Blonde has finished her viewing of Santa Fe in less than a day and a half. Unless I am planning on writing the great American novel, oil painting on an enormous canvas, or sculpting large-scale pieces for bronzing, I fear boredom and naps will end up being my personal tour guide for the remainder of this visit.

Indian style art, jewelry, and clothing are really not my style so it was difficult to find a store that had something I liked, although I did manage to pull one rabbit out of the hat; Dry Goods Import had at least an armful of beautiful things that I really, really wanted. Alas, I had to leave the store empty handed since each piece of clothing cost a small fortune. If I had bought exactly what I wanted, it would have been the equivalent to a down payment on a recently repossessed house.

The evening proved to be a little livelier and a little more fun than I anticipated. I was treated to dinner with a small showcase of Broadway songs sung by the wait staff accompanied by the tapping of the ivory keys on a baby grand just a few feet from my table. Afterward, my Pilot and I traveled across town on foot in the crisp western winter air to a piano bar, which on this particular evening was featuring the local talent in a sort of karaoke style piano play. And while the local crooners were all very talented in their own right it was the piano player that took center stage. He had such an amazing talent that he could make Quasimoto sound like an angel.

Due to uncooperative weather, I am in Santa Fe for another day and so since I have yet to traverse Canyon Road; I will do that today and I am sure I will have fun sticking my nose up to the paintings all day. I would prefer the company of someone to enjoy the romance of this particular road but my pilot has other duties these days.

A Blondes natural habitat has more to offer!!

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