Old Year End

One more day and 2008 will be another year that bit the dust.

I am grateful I made it through with minimal scarring. The end was a bit tough but I am looking forward to the new year. And to begin with a Blonde bang,  I am going back to my online man catalog. 

I have sat through the holidays alone and now that me ex-boyfriend moratorium is over,  and no sign of reconciliation in site, I can move on. 

While most of you will be out feasting on a set price New Years Eve dinner, I will be home ordering mine. I thought I would start with some hors de' vours through Valentine's Day and order the main course sometime at the beginning of summer only to finish dessert in the fall and winter. 

With any luck, dessert will be the one I will have with my morning coffee until some little thing do us part.

Blondes don't need resolution, they just need resolve!!

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