History is not Blind

...but its not blonde either!

History books will record many things about this past year but my blog will not be one of them.

A recap of Blondism 2008

Blondes are truly worth loving!!

Blondes still have a lot to learn, as well we all do!!! Peace Y'all!!!

Blondes always find a way to stand on principal!!

Blondes try to grow up well!!

Blondes hate being part of the click!!

Blondes like steering the way!!!

Blondes hate to behave!!

Blondes don't draw the lines!!

Blondes don't like to bail!!

Blondes know there is good and bad in all!!

Blondes are looking for a brighter future!!

Blondes don't need resolution, they just need resolve!!

Blondes make their own history!!

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