The Family Shylock

You wouldn't think my Father a ruthless money lender, but he is.

Trust me!!! By the time he is finished with you, you wish he had just broken your knee caps.

"Can I cash your check?"

"Can I cash your check?"

"Can I cash your check?"

No matter the time of day or the place, if he sees you, he will ask...You feel like you have been stuck in the back of a station wagon with a kindergarten loan shark and no one will stop the car so you can kick the little tot to the curb.

"Do you have my money?"

"Did you make the deposit?"

"Can I cash the check?"

He systematically wears your mental psyche down until you can no longer take it and you begin teetering on the brink of insanity. He stops right at the point of you twiddling your fingers on your dangling bottom lip because he knows if the men in little white coats lock you up in a mental institution he won't get his money.

He backs down only to bring in the hired guns.

Yes, My Mom is on his payroll.

"Hi darling, how is Dallas. I am so happy for you. By the way..."

"Do you have your Father's money?"

"He is driving me crazy."

"Do you have the money to give him?"

"Call when you have the money."

The little gypsy is getting a percentage of the take.

Its been twelve hours since I borrowed the cashola and I am already thinking about knocking over a convenient store.

Blondes hate bad loans!!

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