Bozo the Blonde

OK..so this weekend was grey and cold and I felt like lightening things up a bit. More to the point, I tried to lighten my own hair.

My color turned orange!! I looked like a clown gone rogue!

So...to kill two birds with one stone, I decided to pay my traffic fines and head straight to the salon, for an emergency correction, since it was on the way.

I paid my tickets, fixed my hair and got my nails done.

Its a gorgeous day, I am looking fine, I turn up the tunes and cruise back home.

And, Bam!!!

I was pulled over for cruising by the speed trap at a minimal 13 miles per hour.

It's the beginning of the December month and the road traps are everywhere.

I talked my way out of a second warning for inspection, registration, address change.

I would have been able to talk my way out of the speeding ticket but its understandably bonus time for the men in blue and they have Xmas shopping to do.

Normally I would be totally peeved about this second invasion of my driving time but my local peace officers but looking fab and on my way to Dallas tomorrow, I really have no care in the world.

I just look at it as supporting my community. With all the extra money the police have made from me this week, someone is getting a new bullet proof vest for the holidays.

Blondes aren't the only ones with their time of the month!!

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