Apocalyptic Problem

If God is evident in the weather, he is definitely going through some serious mood swings this season in Austin. Having to deal with the Almighty and his high and low temperment is reaking havoc on my closet situation. 

It's one thing to have a large walk in closet to keep all your seasonal clothes in place, but when dealing with an overflow of fashion and a closet the size of a pill box without the ability to put half the clothes away in storage, garments tend to scramble along the edge of the closet floor trying to escape the chaos. 

I have sweaters stacked on chairs, jeans stuffed in baskets, dressers packed beyond maximum fold allowance, shoe valets on every orafice of doors, scarves and hats swung over sculptures, and sunglasses dangling from lamp shades.

I even use my luggage as a storage bin for excess.  

My room looks like a clothing bunker waiting for a fashion Armageddon

I would love to accommodate my clothes with a grand walk-in but unfortunately with the pay scale of a blogger and my recent endeavor to go to film school,  I am stuck sleeping on one side of the bed as not to disturb the folded batch of garments fresh from the laundry.

I could use the trunk of my car for coats and the back seat for sweaters but unfortunately its already occupied with tennis bags full of gym clothes and soft sided coolers packed with bikinis.

In effort to find more space, I have decided to be charitable and give things away.  If I give away the things I use the least like pots and pans, I will be able to create pantie pantries and sock drawers in the kitchen!


Blondes cook in other rooms!!

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