Will Call

One of my ex's from Texas needed me tonight.

He escaped the storm, coming to Austin, with a girl before the Ike hit. The girl left him alone, sick and with the hotel tab while she bailed on him for someone else!!

What kind of girl does that to one of my nice ex boyfriends?!

He has the flu, his animals are in an Austin shelter, and she left him without a car!!

I am not going to ask questions and I am not going to make snap judgments.

So, I took a minute to think about it..

She's a jerk and I hope karma kicks her bum while hanging on her other beau's boat this week on Lake Travis.

I have to take my wounded ex home to Houston tomorrow because of his animals not being kosher with rental cars, but to make light of a bad situation, I have planned a few rendezvous with some potential boyfriend material in Houston while I am there.

I am also loading my car with tons of bottled water for the water logged Galvestonians!!

Its amazing how well I handle a crisis.

Being charitable is good for a Blonde!!

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