Under-Dressed, Moi?!

Oh, No, No...Yes!!

It was a plethora of fun summer dresses at the U.S. Open. These just happened to be walking in front of me. I was sporting my armadillo brown summer dress with Ralph Lauren sandals, a brown leather paisley hobo, and matching driver's cap.

I did notice the more fashionistas were sitting in the lower decks. Things got a bit more comfortable in clothing the higher I got in the promenades. I felt so detached from the game being incredibly high in the deck, being alone wasn't fun, and so I left before Federer started to play.

I went cruising the shops. I was wanting for the little cable knit sweater dress ($375) in the Ralph Lauren store, a new racket from the Wilson store, and finally a pair of cool tennis sneaks at the Nike shop. Unfortunately nothing was purchased. This trip has cost more and paid less than I thought and one must conserve their finances for more important endeavors like daily incidentals for the next week.

I am supposed to go to the Luca Luca show on Tuesday but quite frankly, I don't want to go anymore.

I don't have anything to wear!

I couldn't fit my designer hobo bags in my suitcase, I brought all the completely wrong pairs of shoes, my hair needs trimming, my nails are a horrible wreck, and I have blisters all over my once pretty little toes from walking around town in new sandals.

I am having a fashion meltdown, people!!!

I really, really wanted that sweater dress!!

Blondes prefer buying to shopping!!!

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