Subway is for Sandwiches

...not for tooling this Blonde around the city. Even though I have studied the subway map and am certain I will have absolutely no problem using it. I don't plan on using it until an emergency situation.

I spent an entire summer in Hong Kong without having to use the train, I think I can handle New York without the trains, for the next several weeks. Besides, I am still enjoying the streets and what they have to offer me in way of little boutiques and bistros.

I recently relocated from 52nd to 85th on the east side near Lexington and its a whole new world to discover. I have already picked out several places for quick and quiet lunches and will run in the park cutting across to do a little 'Whole Food' shopping at Time Water Center tomorrow.

I am disappointed in the recycling I haven't seen. Come on New York...get a little greener!!

Blondes love greenery!!

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