New York Fashion Week in a Day

A day is all it took for me to see what everything was about.

I definitely will hire a car for the events next year. Having to a hail a cab in a crowd of other arms waiving them down forced me to move several blocks away to find one of my own. In my wrap around stillettos it became a bit of a bore to feel my feet scream at me for the umpteenth time.

Do you see what your doing to us?

Do you?

Do you see these blisters?!

We have pounded the pavement for your writing career?

We don't even read!!

You don't appreciate us. You don't care about us. You just care about you and all your weight is wearing us down.

Take us to the spa or we are shutting down, right now!!!

My feet shut down. I literally could not walk another inch and so I stood outside the Promenade tent in a massive wave of other arms, waiting the tide to turn my way and cast a yellow chariot in my direction to surf me and my precious feet home.

In appreciation of my feet, I took them to a spa and spent a little extra extra something for a happy ending.

A paraffin wax treatment and French manicure!!

Blondes like twinkle toes!!

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