The Subway is Grey

New things need to be very black and white for this Blonde, especially when it comes to directions. If it were not for the step-by-step guide dictated to me over and over again plus writing it down multiple times, I would have failed miserably in my first attempt to use the subway system. I held onto those scribbled pieces of paper ( kept one in my back pocket, one in my handbag, and one in my hand) like they held the only code to stop a nuclear missile strike on mankind.

I chose Federer and Mueller as two excellent reasons to break my subway cherry. I go down the stairs at 56th and 3rd and pop my debit card in the machine choosing only a $7 pass (good for 4 swipes—it says rides but as long you stay behind the twirly gate, you can ride as much as you want—so its by swipes).

Next I went through the twirly gate spotting a couple that was going to the Open as well. How did I know? She had a strapless plaid J Crew dress with gold flips and he was sporting a white ball cap and Ray-ban aviators. I knew where they were headed and I was going to use them as my secret tour guide to the event.


They were steering away from the directions on my note card and I had strict instructions to follow my notes, not strangers that look like they might be going to the Open, and so as much as I wanted to follow them like I was a lemur baby clinging to my pack, I stayed firmly planted on my side of the track.

I am glad I didn’t stray!!

I maneuvered the trains like I was a pro, well a football pro with the game book in his hands.

Speaking of football, I am logging out to watch my Skins play the Giants…

Stop laughing!!

Blondes don't bail when times are tough!!!

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