I Miss My Cats!!

I miss my gender species confused, rabbit hopping, tongue dangling, petting needing Peppy.

I miss Sophie and feeding her the filling of a twinkie and watching her eyes go half massed as if she just had a hit of crack.

I miss Lela and her long conversation in cat speak that I will never understand but listen intently all the same.

I miss Maverick and watching football with him in the leather chair.

I miss Goose even though he hates me and my other cats.

I miss Boo and Jesus and all the saints in my army of social misfits.

I miss blasting mp3's in my car and valeting at the mall.

I miss margaritas and the Captain making me laugh about Asian spas.

I miss my jag that leaks, my Saab that shakes, and my bike that needs new tires.

I miss sailing in the summer night wind.

I miss home.

I miss work.

I miss belonging somewhere.

I just wish I knew 'where' was.

The Blonde has bitten off a little more of the Apple than she can chew!!

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