Hurricane Party

Not a drop of rain here in Austin but the wind is kicking a bit and the sky is gloomy.

I love it. I remember hurricane parties on the beach in N.C.. We would stay up all night waxing our boards in the candlelight and drink tequila until we couldn't stand. We would talk of the waves we would catch in the morning and play kiss in the dark.

Of course we never had to go through a class 2 hurricane (would that be orange or green in George W numbers?) but we did party through some real gusts and of course we made a drinking game out of it. Every time the candles blew out, you drank!!

It was a grand ole time for a bunch of college girls that didn't own anything that would have been missed if damaged or drowned in the 'cane. Other than our boards and our boyfriends we were safe from any collateral damage.

Speaking of collateral damage. We have a small disaster forming in Austin. Beside the winds blowing in, so have three of my Houston men. Seems the storm had them evacuate to their lake houses in the Hill country.

All of them!!

This weekend!!

I am whipping up excuses and rearranging schedules with as much fury as Ike.

I will keep you posted through the eye of my men!!

Blondes hate getting caught in a storm!!

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