...maybe a little yesterday. I was a bit tired of walking, afraid I might be running out of money, and wondering how do you go to fashion week in heels and designer dress without hiring a car service.

I am certainly not wearing a Luca Luca or anything else expensive, for that matter, down in the basement of the grubby subway. I don't mean to be rude but I am a bit
of a germaphobe and when confronted with suspect environments my brain bubbles up double time with thoughts like:

How many men went to the lue and didn't wash their hands. Women even if they don't wash at least have tissue paper between their girly part and their hand.

A man's hand...right on it!!

So I am touching a pole in the subway that has been touched by a thousand men who touch their wiggle stick...

Ergo, I am touching a thousand wiggle sticks!!

The Blonde needs a raincoat for hands!!

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