Double Ikes!!

The mounties and the gates are guarding the gas pumps trying to keep people in line, literally and figuratively. There was one woman who blocked the pump because she refused to pay for premium..unfortunately premium was all that was left. I don't know what happened to that situation because my focus quickly moved to the grocery store.

I looked in the carts of shoppers and my mouth was barely able to remain quiet.

Is it really that important to rush out of your house to grab four cases of soda?


Are you afraid you giant Houstonian arse might widdle away without its daily recommended 250 grams of sugar carbs?

The obese population of Houston ( #4 on the city of fatties list) loves their fast food and no natural disaster is going to stop them from woofing down on a double bacon flamed broiled whopper while their cars burn the very gas everyone is waiting in line for, waiting in the drive thru.

Can you say Super Size Me, Stupid!!

The Blonde knows better than that!!

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