Declawing Women

Seriously girls, you don't have to dig your claws in the back of a man that deeply to keep him. As a matter of fact, it doesn't mean you will get to keep him.

I swear the way some women behave, you would think there aren't enough men in the world to go around.

There are plenty, so loosen up!!


I went out with the Captain and had to fend for a ride home on my own because he ran into a past fling that bogarted the entire evening and wasn't letting go. I had a fine time under the full moon on the deck of the club entertaining myself with my camera and photo ops with the patrons lacking good fashion sense.

Still I couldn't help but think how ridiculous this feline was. She was trying to get rid of me in such a 'caring' manner' telling me how tired I was and how I wanted to go home.

Actually, I did want to go home especially after she showed up!! Three is a crowd when one is insecure!!

She also was caring enough to try and hook me up with one of the gents at the billiard tables.

The Captain was drunk and I could see she was frustrated that I wasn't taking the hints so I excused myself and went home for his and my sake but only after she started kicking it up when she thought he was suggesting we stay in a hotel room together.

No menage toi!!

No menage toi!!


I was not planning on staying with him in an hotel room but I was going to end the evening with my friend whom I began the night with.

I think I have had enough of the Captain and his kitties. Let him pluck the claws out of his back by himself. His women are tiring and silly to a Blonde like me!!

Blondes date humanely!!

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