Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

...begins September 5th through the 12th in NY and in pure Blonde fashion I will be there!!

A new city is like unleashing me in a general store. I am going to sample as much of the yummies in the proverbial glass candy jars as I can. I bought a one way ticket without plans to return to Austin other than to visit. Either Austin has outgrown me or I have outgrown Austin, not that it matters other than I can no longer be happy living here, nor happy with anyone I meet here. I do adore three men and they will remain in my phone, but the rest have already been deleted. I began detaching myself from this town long ago and I really have nothing to hold me here permanently.

When they say you can never go home again--they are right--but home has always been carried with me. I thought it was a physical place at one time in my life but in the end I have learned home really is where your heart is(sorry I couldn't spare you the cliche).

Not having that physical form of home has made me the kind of woman that takes life by the horns and tries to squeeze as much Bull juice as she can out of it. I just need the kind of rider that can hold on as long as I can. Maybe my cowboy is hanging his hat in the Big Apple, and I intend to find him.

If not, I still have an entire world to find what I am looking for!

Now, who needs a saddle?!

Blondes like riding bare back!!

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