Single File...

Single Row...

For Singles!!

The stools along the bar or not for married men. Get your committed arse over to the table section of the bar. I don't mind you being in the bar but don't be at the bar. Don't be wasting my time talking to me about your wife or your children. I am not your therapist.

Don't waste my time or the stool. Don't ask for me to stroke your ego when I am paying for my own drinks.

Don't sit by me. I could be flirting and conversing with single cuties down the row and they could move closer to me and purchase me a libation which you won't because that would be wrong, right?

Do not sit by temptation.

Do not ask for me to make you feel attractive so you can go home and shag your wife.

Do not sit near me.

Also if your a single dude hanging with a married dude, you must default to the outskirts of the bar as well. Nothing worse than a married man poking his biz in the single style of his mate. Married men do not get to live vicariously through their solo friend's mojo or Johnson.

One more thing...

Don't sit by me!!

Blondes don't want reserved seating!!

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