Road Kill

The probelmo with Westlake is the amount of road kill I see. I am so sick of seeing a mooshed animal on the road.

Yesterday a fox

Today an armadillo

The other day a bambi


and over, again!!

I especially hate it when I see it on the back roads up to my house where your supposed to drive 30 mpg's. Unless the animal is a suicide, I think drivers can take a little more time paying attention to their surroundings.

I notice the bigger the SUV or truck, the more disconnected the driver is to the universe around them. I see the drivers on the phone not paying attention. I remember, one time, a total biatch ran right over a squirrel in front of me. She didn't bat an eye or even tap her breaks. Just ran over the damn things like it was dirt.

I really wanted to pummel the el coonte'!!

Maybe its a Texas thing. Or maybe its a United States thang. Riding inside our country wide SUVs disconnected from the universe around us. How far have we fallen down the political totem pole that other countries are looking to China for help?

I wish I could just one day not see road kill or hear about another one of our soldiers dying!!

Blondes drive with the top down!!

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