No Camera Man

The problemo with going on holiday alone is no camera man. I didn't have anyone to take pictures of me surfing the big blue.

I opted for the cheesy photo next to my board but since I forgot Boo and Jesus borrowed my camera for their excursion to the Wisconsin Air Show, I was left with my pathetic phone camera and I left my goods in the locker when I went surfing and I was too lazy to go get it just for a good photo op. So I yanked an older op from my pics.


I rented a scooter to get around and so once the driver dropped me at the Ayres Hotel, I didn't go very far. I spent most my days surfing and walking the beach
alone and content.

I mingled with the local flavors that were cute but not my sort of dish. I spent time in the java huts and eating raw vegetarian.

I wanted to blend.

I had a lot of guys talking to me, not thrilled with all the homeless and hopeless incurable surfer dudes without a day job rushing me all at once.

But the Daddy-Os were cool!

I had too many fruit smoothies because I wasn't into dining alone..actually that was my big meal of the day when I would have them blend up a seaweed extraction thingy majingy right before hitting the waves.




I didn't get much of a tan because I had a full suit on and I made sure not to get a farmers tan just on my face so sun protection became the theme of the day. Constantly missing waves to re-apply. The good waves were either way early morn or late afternoon and I spent the sunny time eating and typing away on my script at the juice hut.

I had to cut the trip short do to the now early departure of my position at work .
All in all, a fab time albeit the towel next to me was un occupado. I really needed a suntan lotion dude for all my general needs on the turf.



laughing at my arse every time I took a major spill.

Getting others to stop laughing after I had a major spill



Blonde Bettys need a little love and protection!!


  1. Anonymous7/30/2008

    How "alone and content" can you be if you have to mention the unoccupied towel next to you? Not happy until you're happy alone and ready to share, not independent if constantly talking about being alone!

  2. Anonymous7/30/2008

    Projection is a dangerous thing..makes someone read
    far too much into an empty towel.

    I had fun, it just would have been more fun to romp around on a towel with someone!!

  3. Anonymous7/30/2008

    Projection? hahahaha Good one! Riiiiight