Maximum Effort

I went in search today for the perfect little Maxi (floor length summer dress) and designer flip flops for my summer trip to the South of France.

I finally found two of the most perfect dresses at Neiman's Last Call.


I love getting a $450 dress for $120. Even better getting two at that price!! The great thing about the new maxi dress is that it is floor length which will aid in hiding my white collar legs from the crowd at Grov tonight.

A summer tan can not be properly maintained just on weekends and I am faded out by the flouresents by the end of the week...

Im a cracker :(

A bumpy white Saltine!

Barely toasted!

But the loss of tan, lack of boating, and the many, many margaritas that were not consumed to win a bet with my Father has finally paid off!!

I faced the challenge and I won. As of the end of this week I can proudly say I kept an office job for one year and proved to El Pappa, for once and for all, that I am honestly happier being a poor writer over that of a successful business woman.

I can see him shaking his head in disgust as he views my decision as a total lack of responsibility and when am I going to grow up..blah, blah, blah...

Pay up Daddy, you lost the bet and I will need the money for New York!!

I am taking a big bite out of the apple and making a sweet, sweet life with love, literature, and the pursuit of fabulous dresses at Filene's basement!!

Blondes know where their priority lies!!

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  1. Anonymous8/11/2008

    Wow!! I think, you got wonderful dresses at reasonable price...