Kiss and Tell

I tried to fit back to back dates last night but I should have known it wasn’t going to end well. Karma is always around the corner lurking behind my Blonde shadow, waiting to jump out and break a key in my ignition to teach me a lesson in looking for love.

The problem is having too much fun on the first date that you lose track of time and can’t make the second date. Then justifying the cancellation of the ladder date because he was logistically wrong. I could never commit to anyone in South Austin no matter how fine he was.

And as much as I loved hanging with the first guy, I don’t see him quite right either because of his nightly lifestyle. I just can’t fall for sofa time with someone that is into the club scene and has no desire to settle down anytime soon.

I find downtown clubs a bit incestuous and I am convinced if you slept with one you slept with them all and how safe can that be knowing there is a 1-5 chance you might catch something.


I am more along the lines of dinner parties and small gatherings in my home with my boyfriend instead of going to some chaotic nightclub where the sole purpose of those flashing lights and extra liquor a bartender pours into a girls drink lends hand to confusion on a tipsy mind and eventually lands some of those girls into a strangers bed in the wee hours of the morning.

Not my style!!

Plus my downtown guy,while logistically alright, and great fun didn’t kiss the way I like.

It was like trying to land a hummingbird on my lip
All this fluttering.

His head did fancier moves than Mohamed Ali's foot work.

You can’t kiss right!

Let me try again?



No. When did I become the Dali Lama of kissing?

Why do I have to enlighten you on the ways of tongue and lip mojo if I am not going to be with you?

I am not a kissing guru. How do I know there aren’t tons of women who love to be kissed with the motions of a flapping bat?

Who am I to judge?

Blondes just know what they like!!


  1. Anonymous7/15/2008

    Kissing is like butter on a pancake.

    Everbody likes it, but not everbody likes it the same way.

    Kisses make the difference between fuxxing and loving.

    Keep it up blondie. You have try positive over negative sometimes, though.

    Ladder?! lol.


  2. I am positive...I could have said he kissed like a toad!!

  3. Anonymous7/16/2008

    Kissing is tender. It is assertive. But above all it is intutive.


  4. Anonymous7/16/2008

    Oui, Oui, Exactement!!!

  5. Anonymous7/17/2008

    you are so judgmental and missing out because you eliminate people for trivial reasons. I hope the "man" you eventually fall for can overlook your judgmental qualities.

  6. Anonymous7/17/2008

    When a man tries to take you back to his place after a couple glasses of wine on a first date..your darn right I will judge!!