Is it sexual harassment?

Is it considered a professional rule break when someone slides their finger over the top of your hand expecting you to write your phone number down on a post-it note.
I have to give him credit, he was very suave and confident about getting his cryptic message across to me. He did it right in front of the other board members.
Made me think this was not his first rodeo ride on a bull named 'Affair'.

How this all came about:

The other week I was shown a photo of the villa the Married, and his wife, occupied over the summer holiday.

As I view the photo I simply say,"Damn, I am marrying for money!!"

We laughed!!

Joke over, right?!


Apparently from that little comment came a slew of stares and tight passes through the hall, eventually graduating to the finger slide atop my hand. He is the Big Guy and owns half the deals on the table. I guess he felt he had the right to poach.

I really must be careful what I say to dudes that probably do not get their fair share of 'spoons and dips' in the bedroom by the significant other.

Here is the crazy thing. Because I did not return the favor with a penned digits on the post it. He failed to join the meeting yesterday. You don't think he is embarassed, do you?

Nahj, maybe I am just being arrogant to think my rejection kept him away this time!


5 days

6 hours

31 minutes until gone!!

Blondes don't like messy business deals!

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