I hate the Bus

Technically I wasn’t thrown under the bus. I stood in front of the bus and then the two co-workers drove a Mac truck into the back of the bus thus running me over with the bus.


I guess I will take some responsibility for positioning myself in front of said bus.


It still does not diminish the fact that I was run over by the beast of mediocrity and the burden of negativity when they slammed into the bus!!
Co-conspirators, I say!!

I am watching my back until its safely planted on the beach next to some gorgeous Greek God lovingly spreading sun tan lotion, with the protection of SPF 30, to protect me from being burned.

Wish I had SPF for the office!!

Thank God my final day is official now and I have already booked my trip to the French Riviera where I will bask in the sun and forget that I ever was surrounded by four walls, 2 fluorescent lights, 1 plant, and the solid void of white noise.

Blondes always look for the best way out!!

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