I am not Dear freaking Abby

but I know when to toss in the towel when it comes to dating and I am fairly certain everyone else has an idea too. No one is that blind not even a Blonde. If you
catch yourself complaining about another person's head games..its because they are playing head games!!

No ifs..

No ands...

No buts...

Head games are easy to catch and once you catch it if you choose to continue playing along you are no longer a victim, you are a willing participant in the game.

So ask yourself, and you can use Dr. Phil's voice in your head when asking, what is so fun about the game that you can't jump off the sidelines and end it?

If you don't want to listen to me...

Maybe this is the time you should pull out your Sun Tzu's 'Art of War' and blow the twenty years of dust its been accumulating since you were first inspired to read it...

I believe that would have been after you watched the movie 'Wall Street'. Read the
first paragraph of Chapter One entitled Winning Whole.

Here, I made it easy for you. Read the following:

To win whole means to win with your resources and your objective intact.
Any other result means you have at least partly failed at your mission. When
you fight, you fight for something of value, and should you destroy yourself
or that something of value while fighting to obtain it, then you have lost
your real purpose for fighting

Now ask yourself what do you win in the end?

All warfare is based on deception and when you use jealousy tactics to further your campaign and she uses sexual manipulation maneuvers to gain tactical advantage over you, in essence you have already destroyed the thing that is most valuable..trust and respect and honor for each other.

This is not love, this is war!!

Even a dumb Blonde that doesn't have the skinny on Dubai knows that!!

So why fight for something that has no value in the end?

Before Heaven and Earth, there was
something undefined yet complete,
formless, alone, constant, everywhere
and untiring, the mother of all things.
I know not its name so I name it “the
Way of life.” I should prevail to call it
great, for it is in constant flow, becoming
remote yet returning in a circle.
Therefore the Way is great; Heaven is
great; Earth is great; and a wise Blonde is
also great.
In the universe, these are the four great
Man takes his law from the Earth; the
Earth takes its law from Heaven; Heaven
takes its law from the Way; the law of
the Way being what it is.

You have made the Blonde very tired!!

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