Carma, Carma, Carma

is a biatch!!!

I have no idea why I deserved to be punished yesterday. I don't believe I have blown off enough men to warrant the amount of karma that came after me in form of epic car problemos.

I went to the Mean-Eyed Cat for a little R&R and to meet up with a handsome new thing.
I parked the car, left the top down, rolled the windows up, and pulled the key out of the ignition.


That looks like only half a key!!

Where is the rest of my key?!

Look in my ignition!!


Go back inside, call Boo and Jesus to extract my key and make the world better while I totally ignore the issue and continue with my thing.

Boo and Jesus failed to extract the key and they took off to have Pho on Guadalupe. Being the ever so responsible Blonde that I am, I decided to deal with the car after my date. Why ruin a perfectly good evening on car trouble? Plus my date had a 1969 SS Camaro.

And y'all know how I love machismo in my cars.

Big Engine!!



Oh Yea!!!

Uh, Uh...where was I ...OH yes, yes..my car!!

My rag-top now needed a flat bed tow of which had to wait until the AM. I show up in the morning to see construction boot soles all over the back seat of my car. I guess the day labors thought they would get lucky. After all, I did leave half the key in the ignition.

I had the car towed to the house because apparently SAAB is on a national backorder of parts for five weeks and nothing can be done until that time. I did try eight locksmiths who all refuse to work on SAABs because of the microchip key or something.


I wash and condition the seats to get the thieving little feet marks off my car seat and I go inside to shower not worrying that the 98 degree heat and sunny disposition of the day could possibly rain.

I take a little nap.

I wake up to rain.




I run outside and I am completely soaked by the time I get to my baby that is completely soaked too.




I hang a tarp over the car until Boo comes over to manually pull the top up.

Top is up.

Rain stops.

I go pout on the porch not sure whether I want to cry or laugh.

Zanax would be awesome about now.

Pity party over.

Fine, I will drive the jag

Get in the jag

The Jag is dead...need to pop the trunk to recharge!!

Can't pop the trunk.

Dead battery and the valet key wont open it from the outside. Original key is safe and sound in my storage unit. Somewhere in the storage unit.




Being the responsible thing that I am and its July 4th weekend. I will be purchasing a motorcycle until car problems are mysteriously solved on their own.

Do I want a red or yellow crotch rocket?


Blondes aren't the only thing that are high maintenance!!

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