Ante Up

My queer cat Goose is now into ants. The nap sack fondling feline has resorted to snorting ants from a tree and then eating them. He sits under the tree they crawl upon, until he has finished the very last one.

After snorting ants he retires to the garage where his beloved nap sack sits in a basket and he makes sweet love to it for about half and hour, and then he falls asleep for the day.

Goose is actually a prize winning maine coon cat so we give him a break from being weird considering all the inbreeding in his family and the fact I bought him from a drunk for $5. I left him at my parents about 4 years ago and I no longer claim ownership. I am hoping to do the same with the rest of the lot.


My diabolical plan to leave everyone of my furry little begotten beasts at my parents house is working. I have systematically integrated them into the daily routine of retired old foke, except for Lela.

My Father hates little Miss Lela Pelina.

Miss Lela was caught on a highway after I shut down two lanes of traffic to chase and catch her. She was a tough get.For being born from pauper cats she is actually quite intelligent.


She is a chatter box. She loves to talk way too much!!

You can barely shut her up sometimes. Especially when she complains her food was not delivered in a timely fashion or when she disapproves of the flavor of the can.

She will snub the meal.

Then she will snub you.

Then she will cry all night outside your window because she is hungry.

If you don't let her in she gets increasingly louder through the night. A double paned thermo nuclear window couldn't shush her screeching meow!

Moving on...

Sophie is the Twinkie eating trailer trash beauty weighing in at a delectable 26 lbs.
She is quite wily for one her size. She has to be, to get past the gates and doors of the exteriors and wiggle her behind to the end of the hall where well groomed guest rooms await her for a daily nap. She mixes up the room as to hide from my Father.

We pay the maid off to keep quiet. I am not above understanding my Father's dismay about the whole affair especially when Miss Sophie has a penchant for scooting her bum across the wool carpet, which is the reason for paying off the maid. Someone has to clean the skid print.

Its sooo gross!!

But hysterically funny when you catch her!!

Sophie has to be an indoor kitty in the summertime heat, especially in Texas.
If you put her outside she will explode!

and were moving on...

Peppy La Pew. My most fave feline of all because he is species confused and hops like a bunny. I think its because I found him in a shoe box in a trash can and he was probably depleted of air.
He loves to lay in bed and kneed my hair and if you pet him for awhile his tongue will drift out of his mouth and dangle.

To this day I would like to pummel the culprit that thought throwing a baby kitten away in the trash was OK.!!


I just hope my Father doesn't decide to give them to Goodwill while I am in the midst
of gallivanting around the country at the end of this summer!!

Blondes would hate to lose her friends while away!!

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