Ying for Yang

Steak and potato chomping Republicans can now have their green cake and eat it too!!

GMC has come out with a Yukon hybrid that shadows over hummus and tabouli packing liberals Prius's like an eclipse gone wild. The new toddler on the block, wearing his new big boy panties with leak protection, will beat the tiny Toyota tot on the playground with an extra hundred dollars in gas savings.

I love big things(accept my dress size), always have and always will. Cars are no exception to the rule. If I had my way I would be tooling around town in a '53 Mercury gas guzzling rag-top every day. Its nice to know I, being one who swings both ways politically, can buy a hybrid in my size!!

But I can't help but think is the Yukon like having a boyfriend on steroids?

All gusto but no go!!

Sure he look big and fabulous on the outside but do I really want something that drives for a really, really long time with no thrust and sounds like a hummingbird?!

Can being green be manly enough one day for a Bubba and a Blonde?

Blondes dig anything with eco-bravado!!

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