Two Bits

makes a mean casserole?

She doesn't look old enough to be in the kitchen alone. I am speaking of the girl with the flower in her hair when you sign in at Match.com. She can't possibly be older than 14. Who are they advertising to, pedophiles? Of course after seeing some of those that winked at me....


Another thing, I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed the ads for match.com as you log on to your Myspace account. Who are they supposedly looking at? It's too stupid.
Its guys sitting in front of there computer...

looking in the webcam

not talking

not typing

not doing anything but grinning and moving their stupid head around being stupid.


A retarded goat could come up with better advertising.

I must give Match.com credit for one thing. Making their ads as creepy as most of the peeps on their site is pure genius. Really lets you know who is out there...can you have one with a wedding ring and maybe a wife cooking eggs in the background of the ad. Or how about showing them scratching their leg underneath the home arrest device on their ankle.

My Match score card to date:

Non-membership profile up for 1 week

521 views I can't see

34 emails that I can't retrieve

27 winks with only 5 were cute

and one guy I like.

Match does open doors, I will give them that, you just have to be careful which one you walk through. I heard it said somewhere that dating is just breaking up until you find the right one. I kind of like that statement.

Besides what other option do you have? Its not like your frenemies are writing your phone number with a sharpie on the mens bathroom walls anymore.

Its a new world with new ways to find love!!

Blondes are happy with her odds!!

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