Too many Boys on the Brain

...so this Betty is plucking tickets from Southwest like no ones biz. For $160 round trip (14 days adv) I can scoop up some surf with my board on a few weekends in July and August. I can stay in some dive motel in Seal Beach and just chill...


My soul needs a little R&R, away from the dating rituals and I have been chomping at the bit to get out of town anyway.

...and since I still can't get the purchasing department to acquisition a hippity hop!! I need another fun form of entertaining my buttocks back to booty.

Blondes can buy themselves!!


  1. Nice picture. Is that you on the photo? Always smile.

    Keep in touch

    Andrey do Amaral, from Brazil

  2. Anonymous6/20/2008

    makes me look good, doesn't it?!!