Stop pic-ing me!!

Cowboy is the type of guy that only thinks of Cowboy.

Cowboy looks in the mirror and sees a crown, a castle, and a kingdom.

Its not really, but don't tell him.

and all Cowboy thinks he has to do to be charming is get his very old stretch steed and take you to a very country ball.

One catch...

The steed only leaves from the stable. A Princess would have to drive herself to the castle of the S.O.B. or she would be S.O.L.

More fairyland protocol listed below...

Never bother the King with a lunch date.

Never ask the King to drive

Never ask the King to take you somewhere

Never ask the King the tiniest of request

Anyone who is applying for the position of Princess will have the following quality

Must be able to sit quietly until told to come(no pun intended--he couldn't make a fly come!!)

After the fairy tale ending, please note, you will be expected to clean up after the ego. The King enjoys spamming tons of pics of ladies in waiting. Personally, I would keep waiting, until something better came along, if I were him, but I understand the King is lonely and Skanks come quickly when called.

Now, the King does not like to be ignored so his behavior will escalate to ridiculous disregard for decency and kindness to the point of your silence being broken and you have to ask...


Do you know Loco?

Blondes banished themselves forever!!!

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