No Plan B

I am old school when it comes to certain aspects of dating someone new. For instance, if I called or emailed last, I wait for them to pick up the phone or email next time. This way you save face if someone doesn't dig you, Also, I am a bit timid up front with feelings, don't want to get hurt and all. Who does? So I am not one to coax a guy into liking me. Unfortunately, there are some really great shy guys that the other girls get because they put it out there up front. I always wait to give it all when I am secure in knowing the other dolls have been taken off the shelf.

I am not very good at knowing the rules beyond the ones I make up.

Its a Blonde thing!!

Dumb Blonde!!


This blog can actually be a hindrance to my love life. I try not to jinx myself writing about new dudes just in case they are paying attention but its an integral (don't be tripin' on the big word) part of my blog. I will brag about them a bit but for the most part I try not to give up the play by play.

I said I try!!

My brilliant plan to persuade guys to find me through this blog on Match can actually be one of the biggest Blonde moments yet.

Don't get me wrong, I think the plan worked fabulously considering the Day 9 count:

50 emails
47 winks

and two or three (you never know if the phone call the night before is going to be the last call and I don't like counting handbags until their in my room) really great guys that were sincere enough to actually read instead of just checking out a photo.

And they are all little hotties!!

Of course,You can see where someone who never met me might not think the bird shiat story is very flattering. Or a dude may not think its cool to read about other dudes, or the over use of dudes in this blog.

It might be a deal breaker.

Unfortunately, I can't be a writer for the tele and film industry if this blog gets edited to deal with love. So I might actually fall flat on my face and have only my readers to keep me company so I wanted to thank you guys for being here with me. Reading me, leaving comments and emails.

Life isn't as fun a roller coaster without someone sitting in the front seat with ya!!

Blondes may not always get the love that they want but they can always find the love that they need!!

Peace y'all!!!

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