Mr. Murphy

and I are going to have to talk about his little law, especially when it comes to working on the CEO's computer!!

You would think that when I neatly package and transfer files from one pc to another that it would include the contact portion of Outlook.

You would think that because I was able to accomplish this on all the other four new pc's, that I could perform this task for the boss right before salary review time.


Mr Murphy, and his infinite wisdom, put his little judiciary move on me without provocation!

Damn you Murphy!!

Those sneaky bastards at Microsoft put a size limitation on my pst files. It was turned into an ansi instead of Unicode. Blah, blah, blah...


I can see why people want Mac!!


Big Mac...I am starving but I will never eat at my cherished childhood haunts again. I saw the movie 'Super Size Me'. It super sucked for me. I really didn't need to see the splattered puke on the ground. The up heaving was plenty to deter me from gobbling up a double quarter pounder with cheese ever again.


I wouldn't eat fast food around bikini season anyway and the fact that my office refuses to acquisition a hippity hop or gym membership for me, I am forced to skip any notions of eating AT LUNCH!!

How am I supposed to maintain a round arse when its getting smooshed flat by sitting in this chair for more than 6 hours a day? And chivering all day because the air conditioner is too low does not count as burning calories!!

What's the point of buying a cute little office dress if I have to hide it under a bulky eskimo sweater just to stay warm.

I think we should change our offices to a retreat on the lake where real work can get done.
Sign contracts only after the margarita machine gets going!

File papers before gassing up the boat?

Send the email to the blackberry when wake boarding!

and for Gah sakes...someone get Veronica a hippity hop!!

Blondes need fresh air and exercise to stay well rounded!!

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