Moving on...

It just takes one look. One really cute guy to check out your profile and all is well.

I must say the ex-boyfriends are coming out of the wood work lately. I guess they are lonely and looking for some companionship or they are looking for something, something and they need to keep looking further.

If I broke up with you, there is a reason and I just don't think booty calls are very flattering. In fact, they are bit insulting. I don't get the concept.

Its the 'I don't want you but you can do me.'


Doesn't anyone have better regard for themselves anymore. Booty calls, f--k buddies.


Just thinking about it makes me want to shower.

I am holding out for the big L.

Ex's should stay Ex's and remain in the past. No one changes their spots. We are who we are and its the right combination of two people that makes something work or not work.

I am too good a person and I definitely have way too much self respect for myself to have meaningless sex.

So thank you Ex's for your generous offers but I think home girl is just going to sit poolside until something genuine comes around.

Blondes get high on themselves!!

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