Mirror, mirror on the Wall

whose the richest and foulest of all?

Why the New Yorker of course!!

New York men!!

Can we say, desperate!!

They try to dangle non-existent trips and upstate weekends all in an attempt to get you in bed with them. Funny thing is they need to prey on younger, far more stupider girls with low self esteem and a propensity to sell themselves short, to achieve their goal.

Unlike this Blonde!!

Take the 'Troll'. Listed only in the society papers of the NYT for being married to a certain lawyer, whose family helped out a certain President, during a certain scandal.

The poor gent was ridiculed by the writers, for being unattractive. I felt bad and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Incredible charm can actually make a guy look better.

Let's just say, NYT gossip blog called it correctly.

Euro-Trash is Euro-Trash no matter how pretty the WASP wife is!
and a Troll is a Troll, no matter how much money he has!

Unfortunately for the little beast, I did not come from poor and so I am hardly impressed with a man that lacks common decency and has a vulgar mouth that is attached to a head that looks like Fred Flintstone with blackheads.

I do not like being mean on my blog. I prefer funny but when pudgy fingered fools email that they would like you to sit on a certain part of their anatomy...I feel compelled to be a biatch!!

I am a southern woman, I expect a man to hold his tongue until such time as I deem necessary for a really great orgasm.

I also think, a man that is less than attractive needs a lot more going for him than the average Joe and if you lack charm; Money talks to the girls in Dallas...check them out. They will dig past the look, drink enough wine to blur your mug, and do you for the bottom basement price of a trip to Cannes.

I think phone sex is stupid.

I think email sex is idiotic.

And I think any man that speaks dirty to you without even knowing you is despicable and punishable by social death!!

Blondes don't find anything funny at the moment!!

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