I have come to relish my Monday nights

My own little world before the Tuesday of white walls and white noise that slowly eat at my soul, again.

On the porch toward the vista, Baby and I talk about real issues; ask real questions.


How many dried boogies are in the carpet of the used car you just bought?


Why asparagus has to commingle with urine causing an odor in morning pee that will take the hair off a billie goat?


Why do people download farm animal ring tones?


Why Ann Coulter is aloud to speak in public without medication or for that matter why Lush Limbaugh is aloud to speak in public on his ‘medication’?


Why are Americans so fascinated with a 2 ft. dong that got dumped on mainstream news like Bill O’Reilly?

We really should learn to flush before looking.

They aren’t sphincters.

There merely the extraction of waste the sphincter spits out when its usefulness has been used up.

Where is the proverbial enema that Americans need to purge their system of hidden agendas and smear tactics to influence the vote.

They want the country in the stupid. They want the country to be confused. They know its easier to manipulate the general masses. They learned this through our ‘good friend’ the Chinese.

When you pretty much own the monopoly on media you start to think you can persuade the country to see things your way and when they are tired, hungry and poor, they will listen to any old turd with a tongue you put on television.






The Statue of Liberty doesn’t mean something to an Australian media mogul.

It doesn’t really matter…

What matters is, as Americans, do we still believe in what she stands for?.

Blondes would like to believe that a lady stands strong!!

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