I am sailing away...

Finally someone has taken pity on this poor soul and is taking me out on the agua!!

I need this especially after my feelings were hurt in a stupid move on my part and my boat is gone.
Have you ever been out with someone and you just knew something wasn't right but you just kept ignoring it?

I was so careful, especially after New York Luva. I knew Luva was still in love with his ex-wife and he had not moved on. He just wanted a girlfriend he could hide on the side why he remained the doting Father and husband, although he was an Ex.

The moment that sealed the deal for me was when he mentioned she was sporting a new hair doo and all women know what that is in girl body speak:

'Moved On!!'

'Ova You!'

The minute I explained that to him, he was off to Connecticut like a jack rabbit being chased by a coyote. And for ignoring this red flag, I ended up stuck in New York alone and penniless for two whole days.

That trip now has me sporting an Amex and Visa, with a much larger limit, for emergency purposes.

Never leave home without them.

It also left me with some advice. The lawyer, I tooledf around the big Apple with for the day after my untimely departure from Luva's flat, simply said:

If you look for the wrong things, you end up over-looking character flaws.

Strike me with lightening bugs and stick to me like gum to my rubber boot!!

It is now my new mantra on men!

These days I am extra careful to look for what is real, what will stand the test of time, what will make for a great foundation to a future relationship.

But I slipped and stumbled and fell over my mantra, this one time.

I got caught with my love flaps(don't think dirty--geeez)down on one guy because I ignored the super duper red flags of all Big Daddy dating red flags to be waived on a first date.

Talking about an ex who isn't quite out of the picture!!



Run, Forest, Run!!

Like a Bull I should have speared that red flag out of his hand with my girlie horns
and hang it on my rear view mirror as a souvenir.

Never to look back.

But Noooo!!

I looked back several times.

I kept seeing a big flashy pretty boat!!

They don't call it Blonde for always being smart!!

Its my fault.

I saw something I wanted.

I was going to have it.

Even if I wasn't what he wanted.

Dumb Blonde!!

It just made me feel bad about myself because I knew!!

I'm not always dumb!!

Its not that I am not pretty, or not smart, or not funny, or not charming, or not sexy. I am just not HER. And when your not her, in the man eyes: You aren't as pretty as HER, or as funny as HER, or as sexy as HER and you never will be.

Things like this can wear on your self-esteem and that is why it is so important to be smart and walk away. Because if you don't, you end up feeling bad about yourself when there isn't any reason to feel bad, especially when their are so many men that will think you are HER!!

So tonight, I am going out sailing with someone who thinks I am the funniest, the prettiest, the cutest damn thing he has ever seen and that makes me feel good about me.

And it makes me feel really great about him.

Being Blonde is Blonde but being blind is dumb!!!

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