Grand Poobah of Wine Daddys

I made a blonde booboo last night by popping into my favorite wine boutique.

OOPS: Blonde memory: at this very instance I just realized I left my wine at the store. Make mental note to pick it up after work...tomorrow...when my brain fog dissipates.


I usually go to my most favored liquor store in Davenport on Thursday but its salary review time and I needed a little something, something after work to settle the fact I might have to look for another payway due to my salary demandage being probably more than what the company is willing to swallow, which blows because I really like the peeps I work with.

But the Blonde needs to think of herself and her wardrobe.


The Grand sommelier as they say in wine country was very talkative today and instead of his usual suggestions he popped open a little German number that was totally delish.

Mmm, Mmmm, Mmmm

Uh Oh!!

Here, here try this

Cork comes off

Try this

Uh Oh

Ohhh, Mmmmm

Try this

Cork comes off

Try this

Uh Oh

Oh, this is good

Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmmm

Uh Oh




Needless to say, todays blog is short because I am barely able to sit straight in my chair without grunting because its too hard, coffee just rushes the wine that is still in my blood to my head, I really want the comfort of super-sized Micky D's and...

My hair hurts!

Blondes should not hangover the edge!!

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